The Magic Theatre is currently closed for remodeling. We will re-open this Summer. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates of our progress.  See you soon!

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About the Magic Theatre

The Magic Theatre, located in the beautiful Sierra foothill town of Nevada City, California, is more than just
a fun place to watch great movies, it’s an experience in and of itself.

One of the smallest (and definitely one of the most charming) movie theaters in the Western United States, the 62 seat Magic Theatre combines great films and high-quality presentation with a uniquely warm and intimate home-town environment.

From its red-walled, Dolby surround-sound screening room, to its Art Nouveau mini-lobby serving organic popcorn, with real butter and locally roasted Fable Coffee, the Magic Theatre is a cinema like no other.

Romances, comedies, documentaries and dramas, the best of indy and foreign films are all showcased at
the Magic, seven days a week, all year ’round. A perfect date-night destination, and a cozy escape from the typical multi-screen movie-going experience of overblown prices, predictable Big Budget Hollywood fare, and cell-phone-chatting neighbors, the Magic Theatre is a bona fide art-house gem.

Come visit us at the Magic Theatre! We’re at 107 Argall Street  (near SPD Market) in the 7 Hills District of Nevada City. Plenty of free parking and friendly smiles are always available!

Our Crew

One thing that makes that Magic Theatre so darn special is our crew!  As you enter our lobby you are guaranteed to be met by a smiling face, or two.  Everyone who works at the Magic also loves the Magic, and it shows!  The staff, helmed by Celine Negrete, the Magic Theatre’s manager since January 2010, consists of Jake Michael, Rick Negrete, Maisie Ganz, Audrey Delgado, Eryka Fiedler, and occasional guest appearances from Leland Grammer.  All of us want to make your experience at the Magic the best it can be, so don’t hesitate to ask a question about our upcoming films, request a fresh cup of coffee to be brought to your seat, or ask for your organic popcorn to be buttered in a special way….we are happy to help!

Organic and Traditional Movie Goodies

The concession stand offers freshly popped organic popcorn, with real butter as an option.  We carry an assortment of your favorite movie candy, along with Mexican Coke and Hansen’s sodas and Emily’s Cookies.  We have a large variety of teas available and we are always happy to brew a fresh pot of  Coffee for you.  And don’t forget your box of Good and Plenty!

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