Ticket Price Changes

Dear Magic Theatre Patrons,

This is a letter to explain some changes that will be happening at the Magic in regards to our ticket prices and popcorn prices. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any regarding the changes. But, we hope this letter helps to explain why the changes are taking place.

Starting Friday, June 17, all tickets prices will increase by $1.00 at the Magic Theatre.
The new prices will be:
General -$8.00
Senior/Student -$6.50
Matinee (before 6PM) – $6.50
‘Sweet Sundays’-$6.00
Thursday Discount Night -$4.00
(The last price increase for general tickets was January 2009. Senior/Student ticket prices have not increased since January 2007.)

Popcorn prices will increase to:
Small $2.50
Medium $3.50
Large $5.00
(The last increase in popcorn prices was more than two years ago.)

Because we use only organic popcorn, non-GMO Canola oil, and real butter, our popcorn costs are 3x higher than convential movie popcorn. But, we are committed to continuing to bring you delicious and healthy organic popcorn at a reasonable price.

As you can imagine, all of our expenses have risen over the past few years but we have kept our prices down as much as possible. We are dedicated to bringing you the best in arthouse titles, and we also take pride in our high presentation standards (which have included us investing more than $40,000 in upgrades to the projection and sound systems in the past year).

The management, staff and owner of the Magic Theatre genuinely appreciate the support and love that has been shown our way over the long history of the Magic. The Magic really is our home away from home. We want to be around for an even longer time to come. We hope you understand the need for these increases. There are great films out there deserving to be screened in a movie theatre with an appreciative audience watching together in the dark. And, we hope to continue to light the screen with images that make you think, feel, and inspire you.

Thank You!
Celine Negrete

“So, What is New at the Magic Theatre?”

The Magic Theatre just underwent major changes! If you haven’t had a chance to come by the theatre yet, here is the scoop on what has changed at the Magic.

We were closed for a week in April to perform major upgrades to our projection and sound system, including a new screen, new projector, new lenses, and new speakers. We now have Dolby Surround and Dolby Digital Sound to enhance your film-going experience and, believe us, it sounds great!

Other changes include beautiful new carpeting in the auditorium and lobby, comfy new red chairs with cup-holders, and a few great new additions to our concession stand.

Our film programming has changed a bit too. We are now showing most of our films for one week only. This allows us to change films more often and bring more great titles through the theatre than we ever were able to before. But, don’t worry…if a film turns out to be more popular than we expected, we can always keep it around for a little bit longer. We will also be adding more screening times and a ‘Late Night at the Magic’ program very soon!

Finally, we also have a new website! We are very excited about our new site, as we will now be able to give you (our audience) the best, most current information about upcoming films and news for the Magic Theatre. Our blog will be a place for us to share with you important and interesting news that we think you’ll want to know about. Upcoming blog posts will include information on how we book our films, a concessions stand update, and a tour of our projection booth.

So, what is still the same at the Magic Theatre?

We are still the most charming and most intimate of theaters in the area! The friendly and talented staff is the same and still eager to share with you all the great films we bring to our screen. We still have our organic popcorn (with real butter), and our great $4 Thursday deal. In short, all the things you have loved about the Magic, are still the same! And the things that have changed, we are sure you are going to love!

Come visit us soon…we will be happy to see you!

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